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8 Everyone 12kno.CCTV news client September 29 reported, ignition loss Note7 phone occurring on and the subsequent recall crisis triggered by the event, the 29th in the afternoon, Samsung Electronics official website, said the company on this event did not fully consider the consumer experience, were inadequate explanation, therefore express our most sincere apologies to Chinese consumers.In addition, the head of Samsung Electronics mobile phone business also really apologize east of the products in question the existence of the battery.Five, flat organization structure, reimbursement will relatively fast traditional enterprise organizational architecture, the mid-level role is mainly uploaded: that is, the lower-level directive and supervises the execution, and feedback to the superior information from the next level, secondly It is the transfer of talent training and corporate culture.In the top 10 in the list, in addition to the Korean, Hong Kong and Japan mentioned above, the remaining seven countries comeSelf-European continent.5 360 21.9 BeijingEast 21.@ 张申 Jude ?: Companys network speed makes me unable to vomit .17 Sohu 10.According to the Canadian investment bank statistics, market data, in 2015, Samsung smartphone sales accounted for 23.In fact, in Samsung barely, the Note7 incident has sent Chinese consumers a few hours a few hours before, and the BlackBerry, who once in the smartphone market, announced the cessation of their mobile phones and exited hardware business.Question: The speed is slow to die.