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5% and 12.”we heard Huainan Wang Lixian MacKinnon, and excellent Alchemy, also made no small achievement, we would like to learn learn with you.84 billion, up 52.These fairyans that fall on the ground were eaten by the chicken and dogs in his house.To become younger what is difficult.However, it is a critical moment.Liu heard of such a person capability , attend dressed, barefoot and hurried out to greet him.1%, respectively, all express delivery business volume, 84.Data show that in the first half, the national courier service company business volume totaled 49.Wang Guiyi saw that there is nothing in the world, thinking that you can enjoy peace, just pursue a sound dog horse.

So, with the help of Wu Sangui, the Sanshun Wang, which is still like, and the Qing army, pursue Li Zicheng.Jiang Wei said, “I cant make it, it is the sky”, and this time is Liu Zen, which was originally winning, and the result of Li Yan finally led to failure, and Liu Zen Has repeatedly biased, resulting in problems with grain, so the truth is not helpful.Therefore, after the rebellion is rebellious, it can only help but sigh.In this regard, in the eyes of the author, I felt that I didnt say that I didnt express my active removal before the emperor of Kangxi.However, it is a pity that it is still advisable to rush, but it is forced to be in the situation.From the first time to record, the hit of the nine lions is very similar to the nine-headed worms, all of which change the original shape, and raises from nine heads.For Yu Emperor to handle Sun Wuki to the Tooo, the Yuan Size is a great opinion.Taiyizhenren we are very familiar with, is Yuanshi Senior disciple, master Rebels, Kunlun Mountains illustrates teach the second generation is more elitist.Since Zhuge Liang has such strength, why did you still have to lose? Why did I win after Liu Bei dead?Of course, after Li Zicheng, the Qing Dynasty also needs to destroy the big West Army and Nanmings court where Zhang Xianzhong is located, which encourages still to be happy, Wu Sangui and others continue to be reused.Taiyi Zhenren status is actually higher than Taiyizhenren, heaven is one of six Royal, the name called the East Pole Green Hua Dadi.The style of the Yuan schedule is very similar to Yuan Shi Zun, paying attention to the face, and the moisturit is silent.In this context, the Qing Dynasty naturally wont let this opportunity.However, such a best god beast, it is easy to bite the chain of chain is a demon, which is obviously the arrangement of Taiyi to save the sky.He and another six Royal Antarctic Wang Yuqing true to the Jade Emperor never complained, are also should be Yuqing Yuanshi Senior incarnation, is one high-rise heaven, heaven is the main character in the Department of Yuanshi.” In this regard, in the eyes of the author, it is still possible to understand the rebellion of Wu Sangui and others, and will not last too long, that is, it is unable to change the situation in the Qing dynasty.

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