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Cost control will still be an important proposition of the development of industrial manufacturing enterprises.On the one hand, there is a strong synergy in the inside and outside of the enterprise, and it is possible to effectively eliminate “data island”.In addition, there are few people who have been able to transform from news characters to Net red.However, with the maturity of the network environment, the generation and reproduction of net red has already appeared, and it is simple to say, no more net red is late!, is often a topic discussed by netizens inadvertently uploading.The procurement supply chain is a front-end link produced by industrial enterprises.According to statistics, Chinas red number has exceeded millions.Enterprise customers simply select the category corresponding to the input specifications, models and parameters, the system will be based on customer demand, cost trade-offs, inventory, delivery performance capability and other decision-making factors, choose the best suitable suppliers demand for accurate recommendation, low effect of “people looking for goods” mode upgraded to “goods to find someone.Of course, in addition to the above three points, there are some other changes on the Nethong, such as the information conveying is more biased toward short video, and the transition technique is more rich.Multi-business, one product multivalent phenomenon is generally, greatly improved the selection of industrial enterprises, and the difficulty of searching.Nowadays, there will be no grassroots, such as milk tea, Furong sister, and Feng sister.It can be said without exaggeration, we will be in the era of net red economy for a long time.Industrial products are the basic guarantees of the industrial daily production operations, must be replaced, supplemented at any time, so companies have to ensure production safety by increasing inventory.But todays single channel advantage is not enough to support a national-level net red birth.To become a network red need to be more active, extend from a single channel to a number of channels.Culture is a gradient effect, We can find the leader in the professional field, such as photographers, fashion people, creative people and other platforms, such as photographers, fashion people, creative people, etc.Net red PAPI sauce event and network red differences before this, we need to be clear What is Nethong is, not all people who have a well-known person on the network can be called net red, and more, more situations are an embodiment of an event.9%, and the manufacturing industry continues to stabilize the expansion.Jingdong Works constructed a pull-on supply chain from the enterprise demand, and realized a direct problem that the “people found goods” to “goods to find people” industrial products, the specifications of the specification parameters, the lack of “unified standards” is a product is a product.

The capital formation rate is too high and the consumption rate is too low.On the other hand, the digital economy puts forward new challenges in the past production method, a large number of high quality, strong skills Type talent presents a larger gap, the human capital accumulation is insufficient, and it is urgent to adjust the macro policy and the full-scale social security and public service system.Hangzhou 7750 yuan;Suzhou 7320;As a Chinese entrepreneur who witnesses the organizational change during the epidemic, Chen Hongsheng, the former chairman of the China Poly Group, is pointed out that organizational toughness is the key to the development of enterprises in the dilemma.Qingdao 6260 yuan;Famous economists Ren Zeping also passed the confidence in Chinas economy.The big coffee in all walks of life focus on Chinas economic trend, and conduct high-density thinking collisions on the current situation of human capital market, and the survival development of enterprises in uncertain.The ability to build flexible organizations, should establish a flexible management philosophy of, build a flexible organizational structure, the formation of “self-organization”, breaking boundaries, encourage innovation, tolerance the same time, there are still many types of labor capabilities “uncoactible”.Xinhuanet quoted a survey, to live in the corresponding city, your monthly salary must reach: Shanghai 9250 yuan;Best Employer award ceremony site, Huashan Hospital, director of infection, pneumonia, Shanghai crown new clinical treatment team leader governance team leader Zhang Wenhong affirmed the national anti- “plague” of the initial results in his speech, said that the future challenges Indeed, you need to win sustainable victory.The human capital structure continues to optimize, and improve the deputy director of the Individual Soft Skills Strength Research Institute, Wang Xiaodu, pointed out the structure of our economy.It has the overcapacity of capacity.He believes that he should strengthen talent management from the efforts of excessive interventions of the employer, to promote the flow of peoples mobile, increase system flexibility, and effectively implement the autonomous rights of employers.In addition to the scholars who arrived, the scene was also connected in the 2007 Nobel Economics Award winner, Harvard University Economics and Mathematics, which Harvard University Economics and Mathematics, Department of Eric Maskin.Contradictory issues, the problem of human capital structures that represent economic contradictions need to be resolved.Chinas economy relies on “toughness” quick recovery in 2020, my countrys first to fall into the morass of the epidemic, but also to the resilience of the most powerful country back on track of development, “Contagion” achievements set an example at the international level.

The second category is commercialization, including some governments, companies, even individuals, he needs to buy, there will be a commercial price.(The following figureChina Network Technology On December 21, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced today on the APP notification of the violation of the rights and interests (2020), as of now, there are 63 App Not completed rectification, the above APP should complete the rectification before December 28 Implement work.The incident has aroused consumers concerns and uneasiness, but also attracted high attention from the relevant regulatory authorities and looks forward to conclusions as soon as possible.We also look forward to having a result as soon as possible.The authors found that there are many young friends around you are the faithful fans of the blind box.National Political Consultative Conference, General Manager Zhang Yunyong, General Manager of China Unicom Product Center;” pointed out that Oaks Air conditioning is cheap but power consumption is large, and the product is promoted, the nominal energy-efficient gap is large, and the detection conclusions of energy efficiency and refrigeration power consumption are unqualified.Secondly for Oaks, these air conditioners have no national mandatory standards.Ningbo police have accepted the Oaks Groupcase.A project that is more burning than “fried shoes” is coming, the young peoples wallets have to be tested.The industrys Internet is a “car”.Tencent hopes “road”, “oil”, “car” three can be coordinated, so that the new infrastructure, Big data, three aspects of industry Internet.

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