Upon seeing ministers

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Obviously, authority.Upon seeing ministers, Dong moment to figure out this purpose, so loudly:.Seeing this, you will think that Dong Zhuo waste emperor is to assist the owner? At least, when the willingness is willing, it is necessary to have a wish of assistant.later the court would want him to hand over the weapon again, he is not willing.Before the exclusion of the emperor, Dong Zhuo held the meeting, said such a sentence to the group: “The general of the generals Huo Guang was exhausted, the big agriculture is to talk to the sword.Dong Zhuos nightmare started.

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Zhu Di less convinced, “I dry What? I Expedition desert, South collection Annan, flat northeast, given southwest, creating the Yongle and prosperity, the nations to North Korea!After Zhu Biao died, Zhu Yuanzhang decided to pass the throne to Zhu Yuans son.However, since the emperor did choose, he tears have to go wrong.” if you let me start when the emperor, how can these broken things ? “”you left him for so many bottom he did .smoked Qizhen , and smoked Zhu thick, “let your fun!

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