2 megapixel depth of field lens is very realistic

5mm of the screen opening diameter is only 4.Recently, @ 华 为 terminal official Weibo announced three major e-commerce platform lines User evaluation situation, you can see the love of this new model:The 48 million pixel main photo has a very powerful imaging effect, even if it enlarges 5.2 megapixel depth of field lens is very realistic, making portrait models more professional.In addition to the performance of the appearance, the users performance on Huawei NovA4 is also approved.the 16 million pixel wide-angle lens is the biggest highlight of this time, allowing users to face the vast landscape without going to pay, to maximize more views?

In addition to payment, Tmall points can also be used to change red envelopes, how to get more Tmall points to exchange red envelopes? How to change the red envelope?” IDC released by Chinas smart phone market in the second quarter of 2016 shipments of rankings, the top five mobile phone manufacturers Huawei, OPPO, vivo, millet and Apple five.He looked at the chapters.For example, when consumers shopping, you can exchange some cash in Tmall points and enjoy cash discounts.If the user does not use it in time, the integration account will be emptied .However, he did not want to be in the small affairs, and he often came to the book, and finally the book is unlocked.In the emperor of the past, Ming Yunzong is a literacy.The emperor is hiding in the palace as a carpenter, and the DPRK is naturally unacceptable, but the Ming Dynasty has decided, regardless of how the minister will persuade, he has always been addicted to the woodworking activity.Many carpenters craftsmanship is not in the Ming Tong.If he is born in ordinary families, he may be an excellent carpenter, but he is unfortunately he born in the House of Emperor, he must bear the treatment of the world.People are not laughing.If he lives in a civilian family, it may become a master of a carpenter, but for the people of the world, there is an emperor who loves the woodworking is not a blessing, especially the emperor also reuses the official.The post-gold is also growing, and it is more important to capture a lot of heavy towns.Subsequently, Wei Zhongxian climbed Ming Zhengs milk mother, and took her political affairs and dismissal.Tmall points are widely used in shopping malls, can help users save money, so they pay attention to accumulation points But it should be noted that Tmall points are not permanent.General Tmall points exchange red envelope is 100: 1, if you have 5000 Tmall points, you can get 50 yuan.III, how to use Tmall points?Samsung mobile phone dealers also told the Beijing News reporter, implicated by the bombings, mobile phone retail shop for great impact.”After getting the emperors allowance, Wei Zhongxian took himselfI will make a good fortune, and he bakes the partys feathers, and put pressure on it and kills Donglin Party.If the user is lucky, you can get a lot of Tmall points.

After you have enough presence, you should give priority to view the click rate, if the click rate is too low, it is definitely to re-describe, it is super recommended.Lets talk about the grudge between him and the ginger teeth.2, click rateYan Shu seems to have a lucky god, because the prime minister at that time is a rather, and Yan Shu is just out of Jiangnan Ri Nationality, and the arms want to fight Yan Shu, the result is stopped by Song Zhen, he said: “The imperial court held the imperial examination, which is to find talents, if there is a talent because of the regional problems, is there a talent?” Just like this, Yan Shus official started.The identity of the pivot and matches the top of the book, officially became the prime minister of Song Renzong.Of course, Yan Shu is also worthy of his “God” identity, but there is no sense when the candidates all over thousands of people have no tension.However, at the age of 14, Yan Shus life had a tremendous change, that is, he got a distinguished mans appreciation.

For example, our Inner Mongolia customers like to buy Yunnan Sanqi, Hainan Fruits, Texas, and the stores will organize good deeds to give us goods.The investigation of law enforcement discovery found that the companys e-commerce platform “Koi Good things” in order to improve platform competitiveness, increase platform traffic, improve company platform merchandise sales, develop and operate “Koi Member Shopping Platform”, set it in platform application software “Points” module, claims that “0.” However, sudden epidemic has enabled the stores receipt to become a refund.She believes that traditional travel agencies emphasis on sales of molded products, is there anything to sell.Later in online communication has always been, took about two months or so and only then all of the programs finalized.The tourism industry has been gradually improving the Internet change in more than ten years, and the online tourism institution (OTA) faucet companies have started the layout of the store in recent years.All of these are all ready, just replace sales tourism products to sales of local native products.

Interested readers and we will take a look!Every day, I have to rely on the Song Song, and her follow is an old woman.At present, this feature is only displayed in some channels of Sina Technology.Dazhong Xiangfu five years, re-exported for the deployment of the Tianxiongjun.In six years, Zuo Longwu General Zuoji.Song History Biograp.