They can also be a pretty cheap option—IKEA has one for less than 10 bucks

They can also be a pretty cheap option—IKEA has one for less than 10 bucks, or you can make your ownFor $4.99, you can unlock advanced features like cellular downloads, variable playback speeds, a voice boost, sleep timer, and more.Once everything is nice and soft, throw some flour in there and mix it around to coat the veggies.On its company blog, Mozilla points out a few ways the new private browsing feature can help you out: Instead of being asked to save your session and closing your browser before opening a new private browsing window, now you can keep that session open while you privately shop for a birthday gift or check multiple email addresses simultaneouslyKeep them (protected) in a drawer: If you absolutely must keep your knives in a drawer for some reason—maybe you’re very into that “Art of Having None of Your Possessions In Sight” book—at least get them some sleeves or keep them in a roll.Magnetize a spot of wall: I don’t have a ton of counter space, so I prefer to have my knives up on the wall.s latest update offers better privacy controls and an easier downloading experience.This may leave you initially blockless, but there are many good universal knife blocks out there, like this one from Kapoosh, which is fitted with flexible plastic rods and can fit almost any arsenal of kitchen cutleryThe video above showcases the new download manager in the Firefox toolbar—no more switching to another window to manage your downloaded fil.

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It does have a few quirks—for example, it wakes up your screen with every notification—but you can turn most of these off, so be sure to go through the settings before you judge it.Android’s notifications betterThe easiest way to prevent an avocado from browning is to eat the whole thing in one sitting, but if you just want a couple of slices, a thin coating of oil can prevent the rest from oxidizingServe as a simple side, and make more than you think you need, as any leftovers will make an excellent addition to cold salads.

They can also be a pretty cheap option—IKEA has one for less than 10 bucks插图