together withe Big Five personality testandJung test

together withe Big Five personality testandJung test插图

DISC is a very popular behavior assessment tool with quite accurate results. This DISC test based on the theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston published in 1928. It suggests four main personality types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

The DISC test is, together withthe Big Five personality testandJung test, one of the most popular in academic psychology personality tests worldwide.

Each DISC personality type has its own individual motivating factors, behavior features, responds to conflict and stress, problem solving methods and this free DiSC personality test will show you which of the 4 types suit you best.

With the help of the DISC personality test you can:

understand what job you need to do;

improve your working relationships;

improve your communication skills by identifying others styles;

understand your partners behavior better;

Test consists of 28 questions, you just need to choose the most suitable answer. Avoid giving neutral responses in order to get the most accurate result.

Remember there are no right or wrong answers,just answer honestly how you really are, not the way you want to be.

3. I am always on the look out for ways to make money

4. I call people out when they tell fake or exaggerated stories

5. I speed up to avoid being passed

6. I demand the recognition I deserve

8. I enjoy being part of a loud crowd

9. I have a very wide circle of friends

10. I prefer to participate fully rather than view life from the sidelines

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