it is learned that the Japanese governmenwill bcommittedo expanding existing funsizof 200 billion yeno suppordomestic chip mufactur

it is learned that the Japanese governmenwill bcommittedo expanding existing funsizof 200 billion yeno suppordomestic chip mufactur插图

In the segments of the technology leader in Europe, is accelerating the construction of ecological semiconductors, recently, the EU Commission said that the current 22 EU member states have jointly set up a new semiconductor alliance to support the semiconductor research and development in Europe and reduce the EU foreign supplier dependence plans in 2030 to make the EU share of global semiconductor production increased from 10% to 20%, the EU is also aiming to require Intel, TSMC, Samsung plant to Europe.2027 Chinese Taiwan and South Koreas chip capacity will account for 5 of the worlds total capacity.In the future, as capacity is launched, the global semiconductor industry pattern or changes.After 20,000 crystal month production capacity is achieved in Arizona factory, TSMP may add more investment to meet the size of Taiwanese factories.At the same time, the large chip foundry is also actively expanding, so the choice of origin has become an important game point.Production and Sales Unqualified Air Conditioning Product Report Letter.5, smartphones are human body Extend;Look at China, although the official has not announced the size of the specific investment, from the industry, according to Yunxiao Capital statistics, in the 2020 domestic semiconductor equity investment case, the investment amount exceeds 140 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase is nearly 4 times, it is Chinas semiconductor has the most investment in the first-level market.Meanwhile, the South Korean government said it would through tax cuts, lower interest rates, relaxation of policies and regulations and strengthen infrastructure to stimulate domesticThe semiconductor industry, chip makers hope that South Korea will not be a global leader opened.More than chip design companies in Shenzhen told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald, now we all need to chip production capacity competition, not only is the wafer manufacturing sectors, as well as packaging and testing areas, supplies are very tight lead time of some chips have doubled.The South Korean government hopes to establish a “K- semiconductor zone”, the strip chain extends to tens of kilometers south of Seoul, and IC designers, manufacturers and suppliers together.Every country is determined, it can be seen.China Network Technology June 11, according to the website of the State Market Supervision, General Administration of Market, June 10, 2019, the State Market Supervision Administration noted Zhuhai Gree Electric Co.4, technology can not replace peoples loneliness;Local industry chain relatively well in Japan early next month plans to determine the fiscal year plan, it is learned that the Japanese government will be committed to expanding existing fund size of 200 billion yen to support domestic chip manufacturing industry, and to help boost the production of advanced semiconductors out.In China, domestic alternative trend has continued, integrated circuits, semiconductor writes “Fourteen five” plan, become an important strategic direction.Domestic foundry companies have been able to provide a substantial proportion of foundry is Chinas domestic semiconductor design companyTraffic, and we are focused on more than 28 nm and mature cooperation process.Capacity shortfall or pattern has changed now, chip supply does not seek the phenomenon continues, coupled with China Taiwan and the epidemic situation of water and electricity, supply chain issues is still grim.”About Oaks Air Conditioning Co.41) Check “Not in place is fined 300,000 yuan.

According to the financial report of the times, in the face of the supplier of the debt, He Pengyu sentimentally stated that “if there is not so much competition, we this year At the end of the year, I was also listed.before bankruptcy reorganization and termination of labor contracts may be bankruptcy reorganization in the enterprise can be in bankruptcy and reorganization process carried out.Sitting in dying, I havent bought a ticket today.The Supreme Headquarters is gathered from the supplier from all over the country, and there are more than 100 suppliers of rights suppliers.bankruptcy reorganization and dissolution of the labor contract or being declared bankrupt and termination of labor contracts, employers are should the employee to pay financial compensation at the same time, Li Xuejun stressed that if the business illegal termination of the labor contract, will not be protected by law employers of illegal labor contracts, workers continue to fulfill the requirements, the employer shall continue to perform;To this end, the supplier is not 100% not possible regardless of which solution is based.

The premise of the blow is to identify, you cant identify, you cant hit it.1, log in to the computer PC side WeChat, click on the computer WeChat left lower corner more [3] Select [Backup and Recovery];0 wave iteration, now the quick row still exists, what did you explain? Everyone understands themselves.Now WeChat supports back up the chat record on the phone to the computer, even if the chat log on the phone deletes, you can restore the backup chat record to your phone.Yesterday, Baidu webmaster tool platform updated the document, mainly hits the site of brushing fast, today there are many students who ask me to ask this topic, then we write articles to tell you about this story!There is a very core weight in the search traffic, the sales in your store determines this traffic in your store.What are the traffic sources?2, will the “fire system” will not be affected?The first method is that when the product just plays no rankings, there is no weight.First, there is such a thing, dont panic, blowout is not today, I have always been there.WeChat is not just a mobile phone app filled with innovative features.And due to the confidentiality of WeChats user chat information, we cant directly browse the chat record.(3) For the website itself, an expert page in a fieldFast row, and a new station fast, which one recognizes bigger?3, XXX Home Express will not affect?The computer and the device will be prompted to be completed after the backup is completed.The specific operation is as follows:you must pay attention!