A woman has been a three emperor, what kind ofomais Feng Tai-

In ancient China, in addition to Wu Zetian, there is also a woman may have been forgotten by people. Although she is more than Wu, but his life has experienced three emperors, it is also a legend. She is the Northern Wei Feng Tai. Interested readers and we will take a look!

She was born in a nobility family, but later his father didnt have any reason, it was killed by others, so the whole family also Just entered the scene of the decline, it also started to enter the palace from a small way.

But she has always been in the palace. Under the care of this aunt, she is not like a woman in other hometown, and she is more difficult, and later because of longer look, but also by the emperor Look, then she is only 12 years old, it is already a noble.

She is very smart, because it is better to look, so I am very popular, I have been in the queen position after I havent been taken, then there is a rule in the palace at that time, if I have The son was selected as a prince, then this mother had to die, but it is precisely that there is no child in this too, so the position of her queen is also very stable

According to some historical data records The feelings of the two people are also very deep, and this emperor is young and has, whether it is in the literature or in the martial arts, it is very powerful. He is only 25 years old. After this emperor died, The Queen is also very sad. When the emperor, the emperor needs to burn some clothes wearing before, and when she burned her clothes, she cried, I still want to jump into the fire, and they are dead, and the minister and guards of the next side I pulled her out, but she was in a coma that she was smoked. Later, under the treatment of the doctor, she gradually woke up.

Later, this Queen helped a son of the emperor to sit on the throne, but this son is not her own, but she brought him much from a small, because the child is still small, so some people want to be the throne, but Fortunately, keep it.

Later, as this son grew, the Queen all the regimes were given to him, but I didnt expect this son to feel the increasingly feeling, I want to limit his rights. In addition toSome people who are in this too after this too, this will make too much alert.

Later, this emperor also had his own son, and this person is also a big one. When the emperor is in 20 years old, this little emperor will succeed, it is Xiaowen Emperor, but the Emperor does not let go of the regime. This makes too much worry that will be unfavorable to her.

Later, I killed the Emperor, and I concentrated on supporting Xiaowen. After Xiao Wen Di grew up, she was completely decentralized, then pension, at 49 years old dead.

Although the men are very much, most of these people have very powerful, and they also promote the development of the entire dynasty. Some of the policies she raised at the time. It is very useful, so I cant deny what she did.