the Central Website Offichas issued th”GuidancOpinions on Accelerating Industrial Internet Security”

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the Central Website Offichas issued th”GuidancOpinions on Accelerating Industrial Internet Security”插图

It is recommended that the current, the Central Website Office has issued the “Guidance Opinions on Accelerating Industrial Internet Security”, drafting the “Data Safety Management Measures”, and the top design of industrial Internet security has gradually clear.It can be seen in it, but the true and false monkey king can see that these two monkeys are absolutely powerful, Sun Wukong can pick up the golden hoop of 10,000 and five hundred pounds, and can be able to take the six ears.Basic key technologies in the field of basic technology, system construction, integrated application, leading edge technology layout.promote the 5G network construction process of basic telecommunications enterprises, explore the industry Internet, 5G fusion applications such as car joints, support manufacturing strong countries and network power construction.Later, in the mapping mountain, the Niu De Wang took one person to one person and the two people, and the big brother was really called.Apollo will continue to adhere to open platform routes to help car companies partners “good car”, Baidus automotive company will also become a deep partner of Baidu Apollo.Previously, the news of “Baidus car” has been introduced in the industry.”Sina Financial columnist said to the” Securities Daily “reporter, with the arrival of the 5G era, automatic driving, no one is expected to be true Realization, for Baidu, the car is directly prepared, and it is desirable to seize the important mobile entrance of the car.Industrial Internet and Digital Development of Industrial Internet and Digitalization.Famous, the first battle is now the body of the nine lion, and the Queens Kings father and the pigs and pigs are all grabbed.Ma Huatengs recommendations, many aspects have been implemented.Well-known auto industry analyst Jia Xinguang told “Securities Daily” reporters, said, Baidu repairer and “Three Musketeers” different, Baidu has its own core technologies, especially smart car “algorithm”, the unmanned technology ranking The forefront of the world.”Baidu added.It is recommended that in the “13th Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Innovation Special Plan” developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, surrounding artificial intelligence, high performance computing, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and smart cities.On December 7 last year, Apollo is exclusive to Beijing.Accelerate the construction of industrial Internet security monitoring platform information security is the lifeline of Internet enterprises.Grab the intelligent car entrance It is reported that Baidu Motor Companys first model will be made based on Geelys latest pure electric SEA vast intelligent evolutionary experience architecture and Baidu Apollos intelligent technology.Going out of the five pointers.In the suggestion of last year, Ma Huateng has developed around the development of industry Internet, and proposes to promote information infrastructure construction, achieve key core technological breakthroughs, and do five aspects of safety and security.

As for why it violates this law, I can only say that it is still a mystery.Now, according to the Taiwan “Economic Daily” report, Acer announced to increase capital of $ 5 million to the joint venture to account for 66.For me, the past two years in Facebook stayed in Facebook, I was really full.Mother.Editors press: This author is an engineer for two years in Facebook.Work, this is entirely in the wrong allocation time.In fact, the bathtub is a meeting room I installed in the Seattle in Facebook.In addition, the Star Wind Studio is a Swedish game developer, which is listed on October 2 this year, and Acer is one of its major shareholders.These processes are a simple profile for Taobao shop operations, lets take a look.A group of happy fools.The STARVR resolution of Hongxing Technology reached 4K +, with a field of view of 210 degrees, mainly for high-end cinemas, auto retail, aviation training, and amusement parks such as commercial applications.Every day, I can see that the surrounding engineers keep submitting code a day later, and add new features to the Facebook website.Someone told me before, 70% of the hacker marathon project was finally moved to f.Facebook employees often have such a default – they assume that people who have never worked are very good, serious and responsible, able to complete the desired objectives.Given that Facebook is full of stock prices falling, Xiao Ja should think about how to improve Facebooks share price through external means, not what is still there.Want to operate, data tracking is naturally not less.The customer service is to contact the customer, the information mastering information is a beauty, the operation cannot be touched, so Taobao operation must pay attention to the feedback of customer service, so that it can directly access customer needs.