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What are the application channels of Taobao buy a family?1, Micro Amoys latest dynamic6 million, and the takeaway rider received more than 30 billion yuan of income.It is also 100, the previous 100 has become capital by operating value.Tmall Fan Ers topic begins with the seller, buyers participate in the exposure.The poor money is difficult to become capital, and there is no capital awareness.The number of merchants exceeded 3.Getting the performance of the community buyer, mainly the user with “taking the way, choosing the baby to share the whole people” Add a circle, including a brand ring.4, Tmall fan topicMeet the needs of consumers, in 2019, the focus is the B-terminal.Of course, you can also add a link in detail by adding a hotspot with the godde tool.The latest information is about the original micro Amoy Columns, mainly showcase the buyers collection and interested store trend, the content of the buyer show is recommended by Qian Niu officially buy a family show.He believes that this year is the year of the US Treasury Takeaway Strategy.There is a collection of buyers that are pushed.After extracting the link from the official buyer of Qian Niu, you can decorate the store in the wireless operation center, customize Add a link on the menu.He said this is a specific use of 11 billion investment in business, will be in four aspects: industry marketing, digital upgrade, supply chain service, merchants reward.Or add to the stores custom image.

2050NSIs ultra-high brightness and to Gaoda 4K super clear picture quality can provide the ultimate visual experience.According to the practice of Qin Wang, Li Xin fled him.When Qin Wang went to Yongcheng to hold an adult to coexide ceremony, he began to launch a rebellion in Xianyang.In addition to being able to create a dream light scene, this bebei F3 also has a lot of entertainment features.Adolbook13 2021 Psychedelic Ocean standard 512GB PCIE SSD, use software that is relatively sensitive to memory frequencies, such as PR, PS, can clearly feel very fast, any scene is fast One step, the ultimate enhancement of efficiency.Only Wang Hao, in addition to strategizing on the battlefield, the fight is very powerful, he is also a famous warfare, and the famous will be good at the premises.When Wang Wei took the soldiers, Qin Wang was sent to Wang Hao.Adolbook13 2021 The Magic Ocean uses a unique metal gradient 3D nano-printing, the hand is delicate and smooth, which is very comfortable.First, when Bei Jug Shadow F3Wang Hao may also feel that Qin Wang is unreasonable to make him a lot, and it is also cultivating Li Xin to balance itself.Awnl family has a lot of jewelery related to the starry sky, they or the stars of stars are designing prototypes, or in a crustal of the star river, Shining is the commonality, dream romance is their soul.

Intelligent, high-quality, segmentation function small household appliances have attracted attention, “lazy people” home essential artifact – smart sweeping robot is still in the heat of Jingdong 618 this year, the first 10 minutes turnover increases by nearly 5 times higher;Official website certification, site attribute, subclink function is available!Headline webmaster tool platform URL:, you need to register the header number, then use it!With the rapid rise of the consumption of the consumption of 85, after 90, the home appliance retail market has turned over, high-end, qualityized home appliance consumption trend, intelligence, health and other selling points are also converted to new home appliance consumption just need.In addition, this year Jingdong 618 “most air-conditioned products support 24-hour speed installation, some of the goods support 365 days, only the service upgrade, further pulled the growth of air conditioning sales.As the first large-scale consumption feast of the opening, Jingdong home appliances advocated as a new brand, this year, 618, Jingdong home appliances brings hundreds of millions of pre-sale items for consumers, more than 2,000 10,000 high-quality, cost-effective super explosion models, and 10% off the 10% off the 10% off every day, plus Jingdong home appliances with the old new characteristics of the new characteristics and the purchase discount, meet the multi-needs of consumers, once again detonated the consumption boom , Celebrate the opening of the opening!On June 1st, “Jingdong 618, 18th Anniversary” welcomes the opening of the door, the celebration is only 10 minutes, Jingdong home appliances are full channels, all categories are blown, the amount is increased, and the amount is flowering.VerificationDaxie is doing your own private domain traffic, when your private domain flow rate level is bigger, guide to your own product, beyond the opponent, not impossible!This Jingdong 618, Jingdong home appliances bring surprises to users with high-quality high-end new products, and carries with home appliance brand manufacturers to promote the structure of home appliance industry!the transaction volume of portable wisdom is 5 times year-on-yea.

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