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Give the chip enterprise to cultivate the opportunity to form a national chip enterprise.However, it is worth noting that, for a discussion of auto chip shortage is no longer confined to how to fix this wave of the crisis, but more concerned about the long-term security and stability to deal with automotive semiconductor supply chain, as well as the development of intelligent network linking the car to bring the chip supply increases, how to properly introduce more Chinese programs.The stronger intelligent level, the greater the degree of impact on the chip.Many, they did not greed, but they didnt act, and they were not as good as they were in the court, but the only shortcomings were greedy.These things will be opposed by other ministers, but they know that although Qianlong is an emperor, he is also a person, so people need to be a relax, Qianlong needs to relax.”China Automotive Industry Association chief, deputy secretary general Ye Saici, said, from the actual situation, in recent months, the distributor inventory continues to low, in order to ensure the operation and profits, dealer promotion activities, manufacturers promotion policies have a callback It may have a certain impact on car sales.For example, some things cant do, for example Women, micro-service visit, etc.Then the Emperor Qianlong knows and is a corrupt official.It is expected to reach $ 65.In this process, it is necessary to close cooperation and mutual trust, confirm each other.He is mostly the emperor side of the emperor, the emperor, every time When he always followed the horse, every time the emperor made poems, it was very bad, he also praised everyone, and the understanding of the 珅 seems to be “iron tooth copper teeth Ji Xiaolan” film works, people It is believed that the regeneration of this film and television work is relatively high, because the sum of the history is indeed a big corrupt official, and he is a lot of money, and finally, it is also a very miserable end.Source: 21st Century Business Herald the car “core shortage” the industry fully aware of the importance of security and stability in the automotive semiconductor supply chain.”The Western World, headed by the United States, continues to suppress our high-tech fields, causing the decades of supply chain to disruption, plus our digital economy is very fast, so for the core waste status quo and is likely to remain the time, we should be psychologically prepared.China Association of Automobile Manufacturers forecast is relatively optimistic that the impact of chip supply for the Chinese automobile market is expected to make up the formation in the second half.The car “core shortage”, the industry generally believed to be due to the fault automobile industry demand and semiconductor industry cycle distribution.

But if you are not convenient to make a file, you need to spend a third-party agent for website filing, less than dozens, more than a few hundred, see the situation.Precision Cognition – Improve Take PhotosenseAI Portrait Cognition TechnologyBione? multi-modal Biological recognition algorithmYado Ai Convenient program with independent research and development Bione? multi-mode biometric algorithm (integration facial face) , Fingerprint, behavior, emotional, AI portrait technology, face automatic tracking, and standard positioning technology, major technical breakthroughs, and successful market scores implemented in many provinces and citys in the country, were appointed as “Wisdom Government Industry Recommended plan.This strange strength in general, the only thing to say is change for the appearance of the monk, by inhibition only distinguish true and false, Manjushri was later taken away.fairy Wuji country is the “lion lynx”, while the lion camel Ridge is big magic, “Leo”, although is Manjushri horse, but it is not the same.The person can also help the personnel check the instrument, self-sufficiently satisfying photos, and print on site.The face automatic tracking and standard positioning technique of Yado Ai Convenience Program, can observe and understand the location, angle, state of the applicant, and the machine passes algorithm and self-control technology, intelligent in the case where the license does not have any physical operation.YadoTe Wisdom Government AI Convenience Self-Service Solution Active Response “Let the people run less legs, let the information multi-run road,” put the policies of the service, and accept the self-service photo of Yado independently developed “Smart Police Machine” “Smart Police Machine Deployment in various local police station, government affairs hall, 24-hour self-service police room, provides residents with self-service provinces and second-generation resident ID cards, 24-hour self-service collection of second-generation residents ID card, self-service photo entry and exit special photo, self-service entry and exit endorsement, self-help inquiry handling traffic police business and other smart government services, help smart city construction.But there are a lot of evidence that the two are not the same role.Do you want to do it yourself, learn more about a little better.Yisuo, Shanghai to carry out a Netcom Office Convenience Service00%, the application is as high as 99%, and special fingers such as dry, wet, molty have good adaptability.Human face automatic tracking and standard positioning technologyWhen self-service police, the interactiveness of human machine interaction affects the process Comfort and satisfaction.Yaduite Smart Machine By Ai Portrait Cognitive Technology Guide Vertical Shooting Compliance The photo of the ID card is strict, so the self-service photo is also the hardest step in the application process of documents.The ID card needs to collect handlining information, foregoing needs, the certificate comparison, Yadiot buffet photo Accepting all-in-one, through the national leading Aratek Bione? multi-mode biometric algorithm, automatic, fast, accurately collected fingerprints that meet policy standards, and ensure that applicants combined in the process of handling and evolving during processing.

Yang Yu is sitting in Jingzhou for many years, with Lu Xunzhi land anti-fighting, the two sides do not move the knife, leaving the reputation of “Lu Yangs hand”, Wu Chunxi, Wu Yan, Wu Guos fortune, The strength is strong, and sheep is still in Jingzhou.Because stuttering, Deng Ai can not be held senior positions, but did see a rice field Xiaoli.Therefore, “Gaoping Ling” seems to be thrilling, but it is better to “Huainan San Bank”, giving Sima Jiajia, the trouble is more.The emperor is sick, it is not suitable for, and the book will make Zhang Hua asked Zhang Hua.Sima said that Sima Zhao then reused him.”Later, sheep hit three public, but riding the arm, and the child was broken.Yuan Bao Chuang and CEO Fangrui said: “The meaning of Internet insurance is Pleura, so that more ordinary people in developed regions can contact, understand and purchase insurance through the Internet, to be guaranteed.”The preamble is not true.After “Gaoping Ling”, Cao Shuang is dead, Xia Houba is in order to save life, in order to self-insurance, everyone has a relationship with Xia Hou Manges.