Cao Cao selects the heir in Zhi andYu

The little friends who are very interested in Cao Yu and Cao Zhi, our Xiaobian brings detailed articles for your reference. After Cao Yu is dead, Cao Zhi will be saddened? Cao Zhi is not happy? Cao Zhis sad cause?

One of the most critical reasons: 1 crying is not Cao Yu, but to take power s failure. 2 Wai Wai Xiao can reduce a lot of 名. 3 Cao Zhi has a special complex to the Han Dynasty, and it is unable to restore the Han Dynasty. It can only express your mourning. It can be seen that above three points, Cao Zhi is actually a true person, but this kind of person really does not meet the king.

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1 cry is not Cao Yu, but the failure of his own power, I feel sad, because Cao Yong and Cao Chong have died, Cao Cao selects the heir in Cao Zhi and Cao Yu, but some swings are not, but finally Cao Zhi failed, though Cao Yu is not as good as him, but he still failed, so it is crying here to defeat.

2 In fact, it is a lot of 名, because Cao Yu is a Han Dynasty minister, so if you dont show your own, there will be more problems. More 名, it is better to be piety, this can reduce a lot of ignorance!

3 Cao Zhi has its own special complex to Han Dynasty, but it has been unable to help the Han Dynasty recovered, so only Express your mourning with grief!