BROAD Group is a privately-owned electromechanical manufacturing enterprise founded in 1988 with RMB30000. It has never copied any technology of its peers since inception. The mission of BROAD Group is For humanitys future: Protecting the earth with original innovative, energy efficient & durable technologies, protecting the humans with original innovative clean and safe technologies.Headquartered in Changsha, BROAD Group has 3000+ employees in 2021 with products exported to 80+ countries. BROAD subsidiaries are listed below:

Broad Sustainable Building Co., Ltd. registered in 2009 and endowed with the mission of building an everlasting civilization focuses on developing ultra-strong and ultra-light stainless steel B-core slabs, owns the following subsidiaries:

1) Broad Holon Co., Ltd. manufactures factory-made stainless steel B-core living buildings with the mission of producing perfect buildings and eradicating construction wastes

2) Broad B-core Transport Co., Ltd. produces stainless steel B-core slabs for elevated expressways, bridges, vehicles, aircraft and ships with the mission of protecting ecosystem with elevated highways and achieving low-carbon transportation by lightweight

3) Broad B-core Wind Turbine Co., Ltd. makes stainless steel B-core wind turbine blades with the mission of replacing fiberglass with stainless steel and implementing wind turbines all over urban and rural areas

4) Broad B-core Slab Co., Ltd. supplies stainless steel B-core slabs for Broad Sustainable Building Co., Ltd and its global partners with the mission of strictly keeping the original technology in dead secret, strictly preventing safety accidents, and strictly controlling the production cost

Broad Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. set up in 1988 manufactures non-electric air conditioning system powered by natural gas and waste heat, the cooling, heating and power (CHP) system and energy-efficient magnetic bearing oil free chiller as well as fresh air machine & air purifier filtering PM2.5 by 99.9%, and the air monitor detecting PM2.5. It is with the mission of doubling the air conditioning efficiency and reducing indoor air pollution 100 times

Broad Resources Co., Ltd. established in 2008 produces clean oil products with industrial and traffic waste mineral oils with the mission of eliminating the waste oil pollution and recycling difficulties thoroughly

Broad 1000 Cities Co., Ltd., Broad Energy Co., Ltd., Broad Clean Air Technology Co., Ltd., and Broad Building Energy Efficiency Co., Ltd. are engaged in BROAD external cooperation, marketing, sales, after-sale service and EMC service with the mission of allowing people all over the world to benefit from BROAD products by means of network coverage, experiential sales & concierge service

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