Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEGs

PEGylation of Protein, Peptide & Oligo

Drug Delivery, Surface Modification

Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEGs插图

Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEGs

Explore the Unlimited Utility of PEGs

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Generation Protein Crosslinking Technology

Most stable linkage & Instant Reaction

For Antibody, Enzyme, Oligo, Peptides, DNA, etc.

BroadPharm is a leading customer-focused biotech company. We are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high purityPEG LinkersClick Chemistry ToolsADC LinkersBiolabeling ReagentsandCrosslinking Kitsto our clients worldwide.

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Over 4,000 high purity PEG linkers in stock to empower your bioconjugation, labeling, pharmaceutical and biotech R&D.

Over 500 high purity Click Chemistry tools kept in stock with a range of functional groups: DBCO, BCN, Azide, Alkyne, TCO & Tetrazine, etc.

Cleavable & non-cleavable linkers, Val-cit, Val-cit-PAB-PNP, Val-cit-PAB-Payload, PEGlyated linker, customizable linker synthesis.

Cy3, Cy5,Cy7, Alexa Fluor 488, 647, 680, BDP, Flourescein, Rhodamine, 800CW and unqiue PEGlyated dyes.

Amine reactive, thiol reactive, azide, DBCO, TCO linked, photoreactive, and cleavable linkers.

Brand Magiclink chemistry conjugation of protein/antibody, enzyme, oligo/DNA, polymer dye, fluorescent protein, biotin, etc.

PEG linker, also known as PEG Reagent, is a chemically functionalized polyethylene glycol (PEG) linker. PEG linker is particularly attractive as a cross-linker for conjugation and biolabeling, due to their water solubility, lack of toxicity, low immunogenicity and well-defined chain length.

BroadPharm products are always shipped very quickly and communication with the sales department is fast and helpful. The products themselves are of high quality and I look forward to using more of them in the future.

My experience with BroadPharms PEG products and services is very positive. The reagents are always reliable with desirable quality and the company is very flexible to synthesize custom designed PEG reagents in reasonable price and deliver them on time. I highly recommend your products and services to my colleagues who are looking for PEG reagents.

The chemicals I ordered in your company are in high quality. I like your fast delivery best. I could get the chemicals the next day even I didnt put overnight delivery request. Also the prices are reasonable and consistent with your online quotes. Thank you very much.

As for the feedback of your companys PEG products, please let me share some of the comments from our customers. The list contains more items than that of Japanese domestic company. It is very useful for upstream stage. The brochure catalog is well organized and easy to check out the items. We want particle size. CMC information of reagents related to micelle formation.

I just want to let you know that your products have been very instrumental in our research progress.

Importantly, Broadpharm employees are always nice and courteous whenever I pick up my orders from you.

With that, I want to thank you and the whole Broadpharm family!

Merry Christmas to you too and wishing you to have a prosperous New Year!

You are more than our suppliers; you are our strategic partners. You are part of our team. Your partnership enables us to continue to execute our BD 2025 strategy to Grow, Simplify and Empower, and makes it possible for us to fulfill our ultimate purpose: advancing the world of health.

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