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This is the best way, Dou Jiande itself has intended to adopt tutorial suggestions.At the same time, he put the other half of the future in the body of the Township Sun Anzu, supporting him to build his own forces, waiting for the opportunity, and unveiling.But man this thing, but why is not heard home truths, just picking up good things to listen to.Dou Jiande replunned Yurong, after receiving the news, immediately embraced it to the big leader and officially controlled the force.At this time, I stood up and proposed it: “I should cross the Yellow Hebei north, capture the Heyang, Huazhou, arrange the Lord to be guarded.

The difference is that TV will most flexible product in one step, directly to curl forms and shapes.LG Electronics are expected that the company will first promote the commercialization of the reel organic EL in the second half of 2019, and the new use of the idea is not to be rolled up to store TV in the base.The boom spread TV, flat plate, PC TCL, Changhong and other competitions to support the flexible technology of folding mobile phones, and have been widely used in television industries and booming this year.Brand advertisements will continue to last year, this year, this year, this year, this year, it is held in the form of online, highlighting the media attribute, vigorously developing live content and video content, thisSome are innovative.The SFC news, the trial appointment is on September 9th, the first application of Hangzhou Futuuthantian Co.”During the epidemic, people are watching the drama at home, playing games more, this is the positive income effect caused by the epidemic.In addition to TCL, domestic home appliance manufacturers Hisense also showed the folding mobile phone developed last year, using flexible screen design.Two years later on December 30, 2014, my company is on Hong Kongcity.Some people believe that the foldable screen, the advantage of the crimp screen is that the display size can be doubled, and the large-size screen can also be used, and two applications, Provides multi-tasking experience similar to a PC.It is like playing mahjong, dont lose the chip, as long as the chip is there, you can not take it.Lenovo has also shown a discountThe stacked tablet Folio, this product has been fully foldable.Next, your company will build an updated global ecological structure, build a multi-industry-integrated entertainment matrix of games, film and television, hardware, entrance, channels, offline.In the past year, he expanded the direction of entrepreneurs from the game to the big entertainment, and then expanded from the content to the terminal.”Combined with Sohu business, Zhang Chaoyang said:” We have 72 million Sohu to enter the author, which produces text every day, which is text from the media.I was waiting until 2011, in 2012, I saw the moving end to rise, and a lot of traffic came from the PC to move, I will talk to my friends, to do mobile games.In May of this year, we tried to release the first “Fuze Game Machine”, which is thinking, in the future family, can you hold this entertainment device? This road is not easy, most people dont dare to do it, we have done, many people are jokes and watch.