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However, Intel did not sit still.This is not that we are in responding to them.We expect that this will be the field of our future attack rather than defense.” CEO Pats Singer Express.娥 live in the moon, very nostalgia, every time the night will be deeply affected by the world, eager to have a successful moon to success, and live in the quiet and beautiful gods.At the same time, after the companys CEO Su Sifei promised to deliver the next generation of processors, AMD has established a record high in the past few days, and receiving a record in a record record in July 28, August 4 On the day, the 118.I want to say, the concept of CPU is Intel proposed.10 nanometers en-hanced superfin is renamed “Intel7”, “Intel7” is renamed “Intel4”, and then “Intel3”, the next generation will be “in-tel20a”, “intel18a”.The air conditioning maintenance chaos is careful, four “consumption traps”, with the temperature rise, air conditioning and other refrigerated appliances use frequent demand for air-conditioning fault maintenance services, air conditioning maintenance must be vigilant to be a “consumption trap”: First is on the Internet The search maintenance business is good, posing as a brand authorized or does not have the situation of the relevant qualifications;because it is this Kowloon Shenhuo cover, let breakwater Goddess shunned the rear cover on the inside, is Samadhi God out of the fiery stone true shape.

The opening of the West Jinshui is Sima Yan, but the founder is his grandfather Sima Yi.In the context of all things, a large amount of intelligent terminal equipment will appear in the future, and they require strict requirements in certain specific properties, such as low power consumption, strong image processing, and these is exactly the expertise of the artificial smart chip.”Yin Shou said.So Liu Bang is falling into the realm of retreating, if the killing will be cast aside by the world, if you let go, your regime will be threatened.Since she is ready to do, then they have to be clean and thorough.Cao Zhizi, Cao Shuang, once scrapped Sima Yis power, but the old-fashioned Sima Yi quickly defeated it.The task respecting and observing the assignment of the boss is the most basic responsibility of team members.I didnt expect him to find a lot of reasons, but also complained that the manager confessed the wrong work.2, Beidou III at the beginning of the design, put the target in the design indicator of the Item 3 of the third-generation GPS navigation satellite that has not yet launched and the European Galileo navigation system.Cao Zhen took the identity of the generals, and he hidden in Zhantang, and Cao Hua was a big Sima and took the town Huainan.The manager gave him the work of the simplest document to him and let him finish within the specified time.Yu Kai: “One place is due to road design and transportation demand, the traffic congestion is serious, the traditional chip is difficult for this, the artificial smart chip can re-design the road according to the travel needs, so that the pass is smoother.If the traditional chip is better than the all-round player, then the artificial smart chip is more like a professional player.Under the urgent needs of urban gas, urban heating, electric power grid, water supply drainage, the national Beidou Precision Service Network has provided Beidou precision services to more than 400 cities in the country, effectively promoting smart city infrastructure Optimization and improvement.Liu Bang has eight sons.In order to resist Zhuge Liangs Northern Expedition, Wei Mingdi broke the routine, appoint Sima Yi as a will, sitting in the town, resist the bid of the army.Artificial intelligence application is more dependent on the scene, using these advantages, my country will have a place in the global artificial intelligent ecological chain.A pair did not do something wrong.It is far from the psychological distance from the boss, and naturally, it will not be used to the work of employees.

The SIA (US Semiconductor Industry Association) shows that in January 2021, global semiconductor sales increased by 13.In the State Council Information Office press conference held March 1, the Ministry of Industry Chief Engineer, spokesman Tian Yulong said, according to the China Semiconductor Industry estimated that by 2020 my countryThe sales revenue of Integrated Circuit reached 884.2% year-on-year, of which Chinas sales accounted for second (12.011 billion yuan, an increase of 49.Under the trend of 5G and new energy vehicles, current semiconductor industry boom is expected to become the beginning of a new round of industry.Results confirmed the industry boom as more and more of the semiconductor industry in 2020 annual reports of listed companies to disclose or Express, the industry boom gradually been confirmed.40 percent;Tian Yulong also said that the Chinese government will give strong support for the chip industry at the national level.22 billion yuan, an increase of 564.Guasheng Securities said that production capacity is tension to wafer foundry and expansion, 2021 capital expenditure is intensive, globalThe semiconductor investment cycle will be placed in more than 10 years.The reporter learned that the current domestic wafer manufacturers expire the expansion trend, and create a good opportunity for the domestic replacement of semiconductor equipment.March 8, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, micro-electro-released 2020 annual results Letters, 2020, the company achieved operating income of 1.8 billion yuan, with an average growth rate of 20%, three times the growth rate of the global industry, and the industrial chain came out of a group of new leading companies.Semiconductor industry chain company performance growth.also have 12 inches IDM production line building plan.IDM, Yangtze River storage, Changxin storage gradually superior, production capacity expansion, Shlanny, Wentai Technology, China Run micro, etc.The performance of the industry to a large extent due to strong demand.Domestic enterprises expansion trend clear institutions believe that the 2021 semiconductor industry is expected to usher in a strong growth cycle, and domestic replacement processes will accelerate.

“Historical Records.Qin Wang died in the sand dunes, and Li Si, who was extremely people, was in a test, exposed his inner.Little friends who are very interested in Qin Dynasty, our small series brings detailed articles for your reference.It stands to reason, should not be so Cao Cao wartime food shortages in Guandu, Cao Cao, after all, from AD 196 to start the adoption date only men and others suggested that the use of the Yellow Turban army break seized goods, in the promise of offering people Mita, then it paid off big, too valley one million Gok.” Zhou Qiang said.There is a bunch of stocks in the enterprise.Intelligent, low noise, high-endization is the development direction of purification market.Li Si has made a very bad role, and the Fas family has developed very metamorphosis in him.Lisli Biography” opened, Li Si is young to look at the mouse and have a sense of feelings, and the toilet is eating dirty things very fearful, while the squirrel is naturally eaten naturally, it is not afraid.Hu Hai will not think of the problem is on himself, and Zhao Gao is just a loyal slave.Qi Qi brothers competed, death;Not only that, Cao Cao also support farmers economy, specifically targeted at the loss of population, barren land situation, Cao Cao has taken a number of initiatives to ensure that agricultural production.The market changes have also accelerated the survival of the industry, so that companies transfer main energy to paying attention to product innovation and service.It turned out to be a high-procure that Liu Zhongwu once helped himself, so I would like to ask the emperor, I hope that the emperor will keep Liu Zhongwus official position.Sin five.In December last year, the State Market Supervision and Administration of Market Supervision and Administration organized three kinds of quality of national supervision of three product quality of air purifiers, including 28 batches of 28 batches of products produced by the air purifier, 9 batches were not qualified.”With the rapid development of the industry, the standard plan of the air purifier is completed next year.2017 size of the domestic retail market to break through 160 billion, but last year the industry experienced negative growth in the first quarter of this year sales industry as a whole is still in a relatively tight state.And he is a very lucky person, can be appreciated by the emperor because of the 蹴 蹴.

not in the West Gate will not be derailed;0, he rent a street, with McDonalds opened, the passenger traffic, then the street is getting more The more you stay, then it will start to be used in the second house, and the rent is rented every not go out, Wu Song will not force the Liangshan;How can people make people become a habit? It is three days and two, so you can go to McDonalds to order, no matter what a package, B package, C package, D package, E package is given to you, and no matter Summer, or in winter, I will also add ice.McDonalds restaurants giant is the fist product of their family, and today our domestic structure may not necessishapen the same, because I have studied McDonalds relatively comparable to the original edition, giant.After selling the restaurant, you can earn 5 million stores, this is the first.Why is Coca-Cola most profitable? Every time someone answers, because Coke has added a lot of ice, I said it is not because of ice, but is the same as the real estate logic.

The real situation is that Apple mobile phone is produced from all over the world.Food safety has always been an important issue, and some vendors have taken profits and often sell the quality of the goods.(Article finishing self-wealth)According to the original plan, we can use the same funds to buy more fund share, diluted costs, and the market is rebound or more profitable.Many investors have repeatedly enter and export in the market without profit, resulting in even the market quotes are good but also harvest.Investors can complete these anxiety to experience extensive experience, strong senior fund manager.You can learn from the following methods:The market fluctuation, the difficulty of investment is increased, but the “golden period” of the funded investment.

At that time, Japan even tilted the country to build a fifth generation to achieve the United States.We need to enter our needsKevin Kelly in the “out of control”, a book has made it clear analysis pointed out that tens of thousands of years of human evolution mature brain is worth learning technical staff, “in addition to the logic of the organism, without any kind of logic It allows us to assemble a piece of equipment capable of thinking.In fact, by the depth of field of study recently greatest success one case GPT-3 can be seen, based on large amounts of data to achieve smooth and fluent effect approaching humans, it does have one side of success, but GPT-3 current performance is also just stay in the entertainment level, not at the clinic later simulation solve “the core of the problem.There is a stage of traffic, just like climbing the stairs, step by step, let the traffic gradually increase, so that others seem to Naturally, that many platforms will not be punished because they have been punished.The artificial intelligent industry has once again went to the hut of the history.he believes that in the present depth learning experience bottlenecks, machine and human combination of strengths is the development of long-term future.”Cloud from the core ability of the human coordination system is more and more stronger, and his help to people itself is getting bigger and bigger, we pass the mechanism of the human machine, then go to a scene to solve problems, finance, transportation , Governance, commerce, etc.Do not have too many disposable traff.

automotive, media, textiles and clothing, household appliances, building decoration, utilities, although better than in a normal year, but weaker than the first-tier sub-optimal level.77%, and the deep intensity rose 0.”Many companies are small guerrillas, in India, mainly working with local companies, bad debts, but interest can be covered, through an app, a set of background, three giving, one Two million yuan, the non-staff cost is about 100,000 yuan, mainly the gray business, no technical content, anyway, the government has no management.Beijing Business Daily reported that the small cash loan business is short, and the funds will generally be in one week or two weeks, and the fund flow rate is usually 2-4 times the regular stage.In addition, we observe the chemical, non-ferrous metals and other industries, also maintain continuation boom, more cost-effective advantages, and suggest that investors are concerned.But pay attention is that faster money, does not pay attention to risk, business radical companies, will definitely be clear Market.1%, and the decrease is significantly reduced.women and a man, this is the emperor imperial concubine.After the confident, Wang Sheng, I will not be instead.The current economic status is still in a smooth operation, the central bank maintains a loose monetary policy, unified the market about liquidity shrinkage Worry.The filial piety is a cloud, and the filial piety is not a child, with as a state.

The company mainly has four major products and services, including semiconductor parts and precision processing services, biometric components and precision machining services, imaging optical parts, AR / MR optical parts precision processing services.The bar snakes here can swallow the elephant, spit out of the bones in 3 years, and people who have talents eat bar snakes, will not have heartache, belly pain.25 yuan / share, but then fell all the way until 16.56% respectively.736 million yuan, an increase of 96.

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