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So, who is related to the story of shooting?These, what do you explain? How do mobile software developers and developers choose a most stable road in this confusing big change? View 1: HTML5 is a trend, but not your advantage HTML5 is a trend, but it is definitely not the best choice, at this stage it cant give you a silver.Second: Trend, the trend Windows platform seems to have experienced C / S to B / S transition process, of course, some C / S software is irreplaceable, but the software advantage after B / S is also very obvious, then mobile development seems to be It is also embarking on this road, the version is updated easier, free of free sex.Of course, the other CDN can now be done.3, the position is rare, the job opportunity is rarely provided by the major software developers, so that developers always think that Silverlight has no future.4, so-called SEO optimization, actually let the spider can pick up the contents of the source address, not the cache on each node, this feature actually only a little help on SEO optimization, small website uses fundamentalsNot noticeable.Entertainment company offers a stage, others relying on your means, it is dive or showed, not to compromise.Moreover, the security treasure replys that there is no vulnerability, there is Wu, netizen evaluation: Safe treasure is limited to free websites, 30G traffic, 2 security nodes, 2 acceleration nodes, 10MB of each node, and professional version, The quality of the high-level version is not high.But the story of Tong dry How can I have a relationship with “shooting days”?I also summarize new words: “Popular Effect”, explained: It is easier to make popular products with popular platforms.Any JS code, no matter how to do a hand feet, it is a surface article, but the real code still needs to be executed in the JS engine.Otherwise, they will not leave so much traces, it is difficult to determine who is who is.Accelerate, you can do speed testing.This company is very famous in the network security community, and knows that Chuangyu (SCANV) and Baidu is deeply in-depth, and the risk prompt of Baidu search results will use SCANV database.1, Flash mature works, open source communities are active.Some good applications may be hate your software auditor eliminated, I think you cant accept this situation, but this is the fact.I dont understand the security of the website, I have this, I feel much.

), the operator can start with millions The net profit, if it is unhappy, it is also very attractive, and the operator of the porn website can harvest the unique honor – the user of the community will be used as God in general, this experience is more It is very useful.The result of Changping, Zhao Junqis full army is not covered, Qin is also a casualties, nearly 200,000, ie more than 600,000 casualties.However, Aoi is just a case.”In addition, some netizens are not satisfied with exotic womens waste to have a large-scale waste of the computer screen, so there is more types of types.The third category of “underground Internet”, although involving many see no light, free at the edge of the legal profession, but its also not exactly the same on the outside of a land law.In the hacker, the official double attack will still be a servant after the servant .Its just a beast, and its hard to fall.If it is angered each other, it will not be able to revenge with the money to solve the door, and the stalls are more difficult to clean up.This moderator) is really grateful to the film day, which is grateful to .Provide “Legend” games that have been modified, in some respects than the official “legendary” game.

a saying that letting a bottom A shares, 19 years is A-share to 3000 points At the very least .What will everyone think of? Below we will introduce this persons historical deeds.He took the initiative to mention her with Cao Zhi.medical reforms – too heavy resistance;They have written words to her, express their love, and the superior is circulating.There is also a plan to start Southeast Asian real estate, say that there is always a world factory, the price must rise .