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It should be noted that Huawei P10s shape and design language and P9 are similar, and the fingerprint recognition module does not appear on the back of the P10 Fire.The rumor is that Huawei may integrate the fingerprint identification module in the front entity home button.” According to the “Securities Daily” reporterComplete statistics, as of now, Apple has announced nearly 70 car related patents, in addition to the car system, automatic driving and other car intelligent related patents, including electric motor, suspension system, lighting, vehicle navigation, etc.i personnel support complex salary computing, data one-button summary, automatic calculation, synchronous national tax data, one-button tax return, linkage report, cost management is more relaxed;–Twitter.because i personnel can support complex personnel management, meet companies Different development phases, there is no need to purchase the system in the later period;Which HR system is good? I Personnel is not simple IT, IT-based, I s design is to manage the entire process throughout the enterprise, open the data stream between each module, pass the module Internet, form a complete human resource management system, thus becoming a real organized successful drive.2, which HR system is good? HR personnel system selection cost-effectiveBut Apple care is not only science and technology itself, but also the combination of technology and humanities.In this regard, Apple CEO Cook: “Apple focuses on the automatic driving system, which is very important core technology, or one of the most difficult artificial intelligence projects of Apple.It will continue to be positioned in the mainstream high-end market, Tesla is also there.This shows that Apple has not selected the preferred laser radar vendor.As a car manufacturer in the world, the Volkswagen CEO Herbert Disien is also a positive view of the apple.I heard the neighboring table a man and a woman say how the P2P is selling.I personnel pass the organization, employee, and HR in the way, the PC side is closely connected, HR uses the PC terminal to perform information management, employee mobile phone download APP, self-service completion management, daily attendance, apply for approval , Performance appraisal, online training, etc. read more