In order to “celebrate” this upcomingwo anniversary annivsary

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It is not worthless, this independent self-cooling is just like going to school, the whole class class is not launched to you, and after the results come out, only one of you cant take a roll of paper.However, why Jiang Zi is called the flying bear? What is the origin of this road? Why think of flying bear?Xibo Hou Ji Chang has done a dream, there is a flying bear in the dream, he doesnt understand what this means, after the dissatisfaction of the dream, tell him that this is a dream, saying that he will meet one The person who can help the Xiqi established a largest industry, and since he met the road is the ginger tooth with the flying bear.Ji Chang has never seen such a person.This article is transferred from the home of Le Jian Station, description link: Wangzhanjianshe / 4069.As for the “flying bear”, this is really not the last man Hu, just a little misunderstanding.The second type uses a station program to quickly make a shopping site.And regardless of true and false, but in ancient legend, people really like to explain some things as dreams, what happens in the dream, no one knows, how to leave the niche, so if they fly bear It is a thing that cant explain, it will be good to the dream.This method is the hardest, because you To start learning how to make a shopping site, a friend who is suitable for time and energy.As a result, I met the behavioral art on the water, and the ginger tooth ginger of the straight hook.first, do it yourself, full of food, 嘻 ~. read more