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In addition, the statue of the Tang Dou Mu Yuan Jun is three-eyed eight arms, holding the sun, the moon, Baoliang, Jin Yin, spear, 矛,, 法 元 君 道 神 神, ” “The meaning of” the meaning is the star, “Mi” is the meaning of the mother, according to “Yu Qings unhappy Lingbao Natural Beidou Book” record, Doume “should be now nine bodies, one emperor, two days purple, three曰, 四 门, 五 禄, 曰 文曲, seven 曰 曰,, 武, 破 破 军 “She is the mother of Beidou Star, the first day of Yuan Tianzun The status is extremely distinguished.This is the development of the mythical character of the ancient India in Buddhism in Buddhism.”Which is a good god, is also a leading God The commander of the soldiers will be honored as “Zhong Man Marshal”.In addition, there is also the following description in” Tao Fair Yuan “:” Tianbun Marshal three-headed six arm, red hair, coat, red army, squatting;In the “Journey to the West”, when he was a “three-headed six arm”, the “three-headed six arm” is now: “When you are anger, drink it, call:” Change!This kind of fairy statue can be more reflected in the might of the protection of the gods and the gods. read more