-618- why is Kovorths lead-

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From last year, the new round of robot investment boom has continued. According to relevant statistics, only 81 financing is completed in the field of the robot in January-May this year, and the total financing has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Among them, there is 34 in the fields that have become the most financing pen, accounting for 42%, and the category of sweeping robots has once again become capital.

What is the reason? Look at the current 618 data, according to AVC data, the retail capacity on the machine in the 23rd weeks, the retail sales increased by 196% and 89.75%, and the washing products increased by 643.8%. And 594.7%. read more

-AI + big data- strategy upgrade cloud from technology to accelere -China Valley- landing

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At present, my country is Dali promotes the development of new infrastructure, and artificial intelligence is taken to one of the seven plates. Ai + big data is the key to urban digital transformation, providing help with smart urban development. As a represented representative of the new infrastructure development of the National New Infrastructure, clouds from technology strengthening the combination of AI and large data, further improving urban refinement management.

Recently, cloud from technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guiyang Municipal Big Data Industry Group Co., Ltd. (The following “Guiyang University Data Group”), combined with “AI + big data”, enhancing all walks of life For transportation, logistics, education, medical, financial, community, etc., intelligent upgrades. read more

A seven law in CheShidao, expressing the feelgs of miss

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During the Northern Song Dynasty, many poets were straightforward because of their character, but they were often crowded and degraded, especially Su Shis encounter. As the saying goes, I know the world, I can know a few people. Sometimes I have a heart to people, but I am not careful, even if I am open, I will be angry.

It is also a blessing, which is still sad, but it is also a blessing. One talented child has got a help of Mr. Dongpo, although it was reached by Mr., but he was grateful for him in a lifetime, and he expressed his feelings in the work. Here is a seven-law in Chen Shidao, magnificent, meaning and deep, Ji Xiaolans appraisal: the deeper is deep. Below us, Xiaobian brings a detailed article introduction. read more

-Add Keep- -Fans- Wireless Dream Home –

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“Even the pain, can not stop a skull looked wisdom, it is this” Goldbach conjecture discourse “in the description of the hero, deeply moved by the lack of food or teens money East surprising, and It inspired him to achieve in the future again and again. “pioneer. Precisely because, 20 years after the TINECO can add brand was born. Tims first TINECO 2019 may be thinking intelligent vacuum cleaner PURE ONE stunning debut.

pioneering wireless – “Wireless vacuuming, to make our users happy read more

are Zhuangshennonggui.Currently

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At the end of September, the Ministry of Science and Technology Strategic Planning Division issued “2021-2035 National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Planning Major Problem Research Catalog”, publicly collecting research units, declaration and expert review, and finally determined from 21 units 15 20 research tasks in research direction.The reporter learned that in the strategic research phase, the scientific and technical department has made meticulous pre-arguments for related topics, including collection, screening, selection, etc.And if you as a grassroots content creator, you dont need to play so many patterns, just need to have more efforts on the article in the articles and articles, master skills.Lets take the content of this type of theme!They are all served for personal brands.”Report” shows that in 2019, China robotics market is expected to reach $ 8.Ok, say so much, how to do it? Limited to the space, you can only talk about it.[Summary]: Why do you write entertainment gossip to make money? In the Internet era, you will always subvert the peoples entrepreneurial concept when you accidentally.Therefore, when pushing the content of the entertainment gossip, on the one hand, keep up with hotspots, on the other hand, use the keyword reply to the public number to interact with the fans.Of which 5.August 20, the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Association for Science and co-sponsored the 2019 World Robot Assembly officially opened in Beijing, more than 180 well-known companies from the field of robotics around the world to bring a variety of cutting-edge products stunning 700 appearance.” Huai Jinpeng, said at the conference .41 billion in 2014 – an average growth rate of about 2019 12.”The current robot is also facing basic research and key core technology bottlenecks.Zhuowei, known as “the first dog in the mainland”, has more than 450 million microblogless fans.” ” The report “believes that the Chinese robot industry has made positive progress in key technical breakthroughs.Of course, you cant be complacent because of these achievements.At the end of the root, the entertainment gossip is just a “iron stone” that attracts fans, and the final value is still branded by operating fans. read more