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B & B just is not enough room to sell, but also to integrate with fun and food, led to the development of peripheral industries.May 19 this year, starting Flying Pig rural tourism revitalization plan, around the online business, personnel training, investment in brand building and other aspects of the upgrade to digital capabilities to drive rural tourism hot, build 10 rural tourism benchmark County during the year, training 100 village local tourism anchor, train 100 rural tourism business genius, help to create 100 beautiful countryside of County brand.”The distributor should complete the delivery, planning the delivery route in advance, which community door is recently, the recent habits of the old customers can not be sloppy.”Dabao likes the residential area of ??sand, Xiaobao likes to have a variety of water.” Du Dan Yun didnt ask, only put a request: I hope that her husband promises to make her also distribute it.Deqings country-based rural tourism digital practice is attracting consumers from all over the country to come to Deqing and experience the green water and special tourism industry here.I thought it was a simple physical activity, but it can be interviewed.Through Flying Pig Moganshan Tourism Flagship Store, the new product landed in the official live broadcast of “Flying pigs to eat” and Sydney, the Baby, Lin Yihe, the big left and other red people and the stars live broadcast, there are many tourism People recommended by people. read more