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Perhaps because the barefoot big fairy is similar to the kindness of the Song Renzong, it may be because of the “Dust Record”, Song Renzong always doesnt like to wear shoes, just put it off, so someone Call him barefoot cactus, but if there is such a fairy, there is an emperor, it must be the emperor of Song Renzong.In the “Water Margin”, a fairy identity was arranged for Song Renzong, which is the barefoot.Other, the barefoot big immortal is in most cases, no one knows where he goes, and no one knows that the light of the foot that has just been rubbed is not barefoot, he In the folk legend, a free fairy, I want to go to my own preferences, and he will help people with demon, but it is not absolute good and evil, if you encounter a good monster, Of course he will let go, but will not be able to drive.Many people dont understand the barefoot big immortals, followed by our Xiaobian.But why dont he do not wear shoes? There are many statements.The third statement believes that the barefoot is in a hurry in the battle with the black dragon who is raging the world.Why dont wear shoes “Barefoot Maxi” this title, of course, because he never wears shoes, not because of this I didnt wear shoes. read more