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I believe that after doing these contents, in the Internet marketing video world, really vertical, and transformed, seeing the scenery will be more, the friend who is in contact will be more, the ability to achieve it is stronger, even more Drive a lot of grassroots station long imitation.Therefore, after the loose blog is online, the blog home and the article content page will be changed again.CCTV financial reporters continue to track!), construction site, tool type, news event content.It is the easiest to accept the Internet content, which is the most acceptable for text content threshold.Video auxiliary contentThe help content is the content of entertainment.Other channels have been evolved through their own blogs, which is destined to expand in the form of text + images.17%, and the year-on-year increase is approximately 3 percentage points, and the brand concentration continues to strengthen, and the extrusion of other brands is more obvious.Is the sound and video cant be? In fact, the public preferred words and pictures, because the text + graphic form, convenient and fast, watch the threshold is very low, and video viewing is high.The top 10 net red is all over the video, and there is absolute Sex value.In November 2017, Gree Electric was produced, sold, selling, using Gree electricity due to Oaks and Guangzhou Jingdong Trading Co. read more