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The so-called slow attack is to use the human and economic advantages to mobilize Cao Jun, Through the long-term war, the economic foundation of Cao Cao, this triggered the inside of Cao Cao Group, and the surrounding Liu Ti, Sun Ce, etc.The most critical is that even if it is necessary to see the effect of the slow attack, it will be effective for several years.on the other hand, with the continuous improvement of supervision, the relevant policies are constantly improving, and the team is also experiencing a big Baptism, go to the crude seasoning, go to the fake, this is not light to boost the user confidence, and it is not a good thing for those who remain.For this reason, he will choose the more suitable for himself, not Suggestions for the advice.He said that although the P2P industry has gone to some detours in recent years, even some mistakes, we still have to look at this industry with development.” Promote the healthy development of the industry.When the battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao will fail? Yuan Shao is made wrong? If you use the slow outcome? read more