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The challenge is still severe, and the innovation is still the overall problem of the development of chip enterprise.Multi-earth efficient research and development and data interaction and convenient and convenient and secure, the core “core” data is safe and controllable.”For IC design companies, the security of intellectual property (IP) is the first, is the life of the company, so many enterprises choose to make compromise in convenient and efficiency.” In the IC design industry, Zhixiang Technology is understood from the industry demand, and the product service capacity has deep experience accumulation and technology leading advantages.Customers, in fact, around 2006 people began to do, and we follow the trend of the time, you began, and just in time for the demise of the time, this is not your destiny.This is painful years past many owners Shaoxing Sunshine Network, Master Wei Jin, a favorite play ball like Ma sunshine boy told us:!She is a daughter of Yanjing Salt, and it is speculated that the Hanjun flag is born.06, 2007 SNS in vogue, often go to Shanghai, Hangzhou participate in a variety of high-end forum for the exchange of learning, and made extremely pragmatic, spent a year, more than 100,000 cast, established more than 200 groups, later found the group at all It does not fly, the forum is the mainstream.The data also wrote that Anchun Xiao entered the hometown through the eight flag election in Yongzheng Dynasty.Wei Shaojun said that the 2020 report covers 2218 IC design companies, added 438 new last year.The Internet is a place where the miracle of birth, and later a similar figure like Huajun, more and more, there are many who later became the idol of many owners, such as money Long Lane Yu, Chongqing shopaholic high cherry, Hefei hotline Wang Hai, Liu Ying Guangzhou mother network.Until 12 years before the idea for the local site framework and clear up the Wei was lucky, more owners, in fact, is constantly going on this cycle.China began to enter the high-end chip field represented by CPU, and achieve breakthrough development in multiple fields such as embedded CPU, semiconductor memory, FPGA chip and EDA tools.The ancient salt and iron operation has been monopolized by the court, and the salt transportation makes this official position, but many officers and men can get a lot of benefits from it, this also shows that Anchun Xiaos life should be proud.With the historical material of the Qing Dynasty, the Anshi Rongyuan is very likely to be “An Chunxiao”.In the face of the challenges of the current vertical industry, our popularity advantages are very obvious.An Malang is a non-negligible role in “Hou Palace · 嬛 嬛”, she has played a crucial role in the advancement of the entire plot Although the Aland Rong in the play began with the love of the sisters, but later because of his fathers things and the dark gaps, it became the head. read more

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Many companies dont know how to transform, but there is an urgent need to reduce cost and operational pressure .This is the core competitiveness of Qingyun QingCloud.Platform software and multi-brand hardware mix: Naturally Software definition, standard delivery and hardware compatibility, let customers get rid of the manufacturer lock;All stack (portrait): At the service level, longitudinally across the full stack cloud architecture of IaaS, PaAS and application platforms, covering the ICT service capabilities of many brands;The market of private clouds and mixing clouds is true and grow rapidly.Yang Xius father Yang Hao, grandfather Yang Bi, Zeng grandfather Yang Bing, Gao grandfather Yang Zhen did the Taiwanese, so it was called the four-year three public, and his ancestors have been in the Western Phase.It is never a flat designer.Working in the middle of the modern, change (every day, the world knows it), especially facing the real-time colleagues that do not have a uncertainty, light communication can be exhausted, and the intentions are in design.Some companies start from small IT systems, virtualized scenes, to the cloud, to the unified infrastructure cloud platform, to grow into large group clouds and even industry clouds;either different private Cloud projects are based on different technical stacks and uniform product versions, resulting in more island generatio! read more