and then the fire rusd

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Guan Yu is an important force for Liu Bei, no shuttle, Liu Bei may even be established. Interested readers can follow our Xiaobian to look down.

Jingzhou is the big capital of Liu Bei. If Jingzhou is also possible in Liu Bei, it is possible to unify the world, but Jingzhou is not there, then it may be almost gone in Liu Beis unified world.

When Zhuge Liang was so heavy, he told Liu Bei if he wants to unify the world, it will occupy Jingzhou and Yizhou. As long as you get these two states, you can discuss Cao Cao, you can discuss Cao Cao, Shunjiang You can go straight to Jiangdong to destroy Sun Quan. This is finally a flat world, or it is still possible. read more

prepare to be moved

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