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The girl has transferred to the other party.” “Star, brokerage company and program parties, branding, etc.” Zhu Xi and Xu Queen personally raised it, especially Xu Queen petted the little princess to the extreme, and it is as good as it.Chen Xiaodian, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Humanities University of China, believes that the abnormal “rice” culture is born in a morbid social soil, and now the society is too impetuous, the abortion, the lack of excellent cultural products, the lack of distinguishing ability, and the exquisiteness, leading to the flow I am addicted to the unexpected idol worship to make some inferior artists.814 title.”This article pointed out, here Before the “Wu Yifan incident”, the “rice” culture of the fire into the magic has been challenged the social law moral bottom line.Since Xu Queen died in Yongle five years, Zhu Xi personally married the girl, and attached great importance to it.The news is a hot discussion.”State shot a great necessity, because the stars influence on young peoples values ??and emotional growing, highly developed social media also play a role in fueling this trend, the state of adolescent culture Starchaser external constraints It is important for the difficulties remediation rice circle culture, how to grasp the degree is more important, after all, the essence of Starchaser is a personal act, the State can not use the law to put an end, only to regulate through the system, as to regulate to what extent, is government departments need to consider.- Emperor hanging the die, to some extent can be to blame.Zhu Xi is as good as yourself, the Crown Prince is like a bitters, which dares to respect her. read more