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■ Whether the view charging software is infringement? Beijing Jingdo Law Firm Lawyer Changsha said, Ms.The company believes that the charging equipment is set at least eight reminders in the eye-catching position.”Waiting indoor staff introduced that the software is not required to download the software, he shakes his head to think that this is free without any other conditions.Zhang said that he did not prompt, and suddenly found the software called “outside” in the mobile phone.Many people who come to the live broadcast, most of the audiences, the price, can even say that the price is the lowest, the audience buys, because the holiday in recent time, very few anchor dare to make a crime, once found The consequences are unbearable, then the anchor will choose the category you can control, such as the local specialty products, the supplies of the manufacturers directly, and so on.Yesterday afternoon, the case was tried and did not pronounced in court.The lawyer believes that the defendant is not appropriate, because of the ordinary charging jack, consumers are There is no obligation to be obligated in this process.Zhang said that due to anxious, choose the fast charging setting next to it, and follow the prompts Open the USB debug mode in the advanced option.Zhang as consumers as consumers.In the statement, the Toshiba Group said that 95% of the TV business will be sold to Hisense Group at a price of 1. read more