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New patent license agreement.Following Huawei, after OPPO, Qualcomms “Friends Circle” fills a new member.Although Meizu has acknowledged the sale of high-risk Chinas patented products, but refused to negotiate, it is called patent expensive to imagine.Insufficient incidents, OPPO and VIVO, the two companies that have announced the signing of Qualcomm to complete the patent license agreement.Today, we are prepared for everyone: Three countries Liu Bei, interested partners come to see it!And Jingzhou is related to the town, occupying most regions.The boss is doubtful, and I ask my popular explanation. read more

Belgium country profile

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For such a small country, Belgium has been a major European battleground over the centuries.

Occupied by Germany during the First and Second World Wars, it has experienced an economic boom in the past 50 years to become a model Western European liberal democracy.

However, there has also been a growing divide between the mainly Dutch-speaking north and the mainly French-speaking south, as well as concerns about the growth of Islamic extremism among immigrant communities in the capital, Brussels.

Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), making it the polyglot home of an army of international diplomats and civil servants. read more